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Covid-19 In-Person Music Lesson Guidance


  • (A) Vulnerable people at risk
    Stay home to limit face-to-face contact to protect those who may be more vulnerable and keep illness at a minimum.
  • Consider whether teacher and students are in high risk (available here), any other member of our household who may be in vulnerable group /shielding due to age/those over 70 or may have an underlying health/medical condition may be at greater risk of serious illness to expose of COVID-19
  • If students (or member of their family) are vulnerable, please refer to the government guidance on medical or seek advice from medical professionals/consultant/GP.
  • Teacher and student are at increased risk of having and transmitting Covid-19 if any of the following apply to any members of their households/support bubble:  Tested positive for Covid-19, Covid-19 symptoms (available here): continuous cough, high temperature, loss of taste or smell), contact with a confirmed Covid-19.

    (B) Travel to & from music lesson
    Public transport may result increasing viral transmission when in close proximity with other members is unavoidable.
  • Walking, cycling, and driving are strong preference.
  • Avoid all use of public transport if possible; If not, consider changing the lesson time to avoid peak time.
  • Face covering should be worn by children aged 11 or students in  year 7 and above (unless health/ability reason) on public transport (available here and see government guidance on safer travel)

    (C) Managing Social Distancing

(i) Arrival & departure
Close proximity between students especially during crossover between lessons could cause cross infection risks.

  • Unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate parents or adult accompanying the children into lessons, to provide previous seated waiting area due to limiting the number of people into the house to the minimum.
  • Parents are welcome to accompany the younger children to the main entrance and collect promptly with 2 meter social distance with others.
  • Students are asked not to arrive more than 2 minutes before their lesson time.
  • Stagger lesson time to ensure no crossover between students arriving/leaving to keep social distancing by not using entry/exist points at the same time.
  • Changeover times is a 15-minute gap between lessons to ensure the teacher has enough time to clean the teaching areas, washroom amenities, ventilate the room properly and set up for the next students.

(ii) The teaching room
Close proximity activity between teacher and student could result in airborne transmission of virus.  Maintain ventilation is considered a vital mitigation to reduce risk.

  • The teaching room space is setting up to maximise the distance between teacher and students at all time through seating configuration.
  • Piano/digital piano/keyboards are positioned side-to-side when playing and singing.
  • If/when not practicable to maintain two-meter social distancing, additional mitigation measures is applied: side to side or back to back positioning, face shield or protective visors, glove (where practical).
  • Open window and door (when/where practicable) in the teaching room during every lesson and in between each lesson for a minimum 15 minutes to maximise fresh air ventilation.

    (D) Hygiene measure of shared instruments, equipment, music resources/materials

Touching common contact surfaces, share instruments/equipment and joint handling of any sheet music could result in virus transmission.

  • Hand cleaners, sanitisers, or wipes are available at the entrance and teaching areas are in additional to Handwashing facilities (water, soap, towels).  Foot pedal swing bins are provided in the teaching room and washroom.
  • Students are restricted to music room and washroom. They are asked to limit surfaces they touch to a minimum, i.e. door handles, washroom appliances, table, chair, piano stool, and piano keyboard.
  • Only teachers should open and close doors and windows, and light switches to minimise the physical points of contact.
  • Where practicable, regularly used doors are propped open to prevent the need for hand contact.
  • All “high-contact” surfaces will be cleaned immediately before/after each session including: door & window handles, light switches, toilet, toilet flush handles, wash basin, teaching workspace, chair, piano stool, and the designated area of students’ belongings.
  • Piano keyboards will be wiped down using soapy water and an antibacterial microfiber cloth. (Ivory keys will be damaged if using most disinfectant products); electronic keyboards will be sanitised with disinfectant wipes between sessions.
  • Any shared musical equipment or resources (e.g. metronome or music kits) will be cleaned after each use by using wipes, sprays, or hot soapy water.

Before the lesson

Parents/Students should update any changes to their health situation of themselves and their household before lesson commences.
Must not attend any face-to-face lesson. Anyone must follow the government’s advice on self-isolation (available here), Stay at Home (available here).  If you:

  •  Display any of the symptoms of COVID-19:
  • a temperature of higher than 37.8°
  • a new, continuous  cough
  • a loss of, or change in, normal sense of smell or taste (anosmia)
  • Self-Isolation
  • Close contact with someone diagnosed or display symptoms of Covid-19.  Possible or confirmed symptom requires isolation (available here) until the end of the required 14 day period.
  • Have been asked to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace app (available here)
  • Positive result on twice-weekly rapid testing
  • Anyone who has been advised by their school or college, work place to self-isolate
  • Returned from a country outside the UK government exemption list in the last 14 days (available here).  Travel requires isolation (available here)
  • Visit “hot spot” & crowd: Increasing the risk of infection is higher
  • Traveling outside the local area- visited a “Hot-spot” area
  • Exposing to crowd in an enclosed space with limited or no social distancing
  • Communicate with Piano Tutor if your child/the student/any member of household is unwell, is being tested for Covid and tell us as soon as you get any test results for us to respond appropriately to keep the Piano Tutor community safe.
  • As these circumstances, in-person lesson cancellation even within 24 hours’ notice, will result in either being transferred lesson online, agreeing an earliest date for possible return after completion of isolation, lesson credit or fee refund for the affected student.

Lesson preparation

Students should only bring the minimum necessary music materials for the music lesson purpose to minimize risk.

  • Music and homework submission digitally (pdf format) before attending in-person lesson.
  • Responsible to bring their own music and theory books, music sheets, notebook and stationary (pencils, eraser, sharpener, colours, ruler) every lesson.
  • Bring own drink (no food or drink provided. There will be water available for emergencies only)
  • Use the toilet at home before your lesson, if possible.

On arrival

  • Unfortunately, parents or accompanying adults should not enter the premises or the tutor’s house (no sit-in lesson or waiting area) to minimize the risk of contact.
  • Parents’ query or communication with the teachers regarding any difficulties their children may have encountered while practicing at home can be done through phone & emails.
  • Accompany a younger child to the main entrance and please only arrive no more than 2 minutes before the students’ designated lesson time slot with social distance rule.
  • Students may need to wait slightly outside until the teacher calls to start the lesson if the teacher is running late to clean & create space for the next student.
  • Students will remove shoes and wash hands immediately and thoroughly for at least 20 seconds under running water & soap on arrival.
  • They will be asked to go straight to the music room to place their coat/jacket & music bag or belongings in a designated area.

During the lesson

(i) Piano Lesson

  • Both teachers and students should wear face mask or face covering (above aged 11 unless medical exemption or follow government guidance).
  • Students will play on a separate piano/keyboard and position side-to-side to the teacher at all times, and only teachers adjust metronome settings.
  • Students use their own music (teacher use the digital copy of students’ music or teacher’s copy).
  • All Duet playing will be replaced by Duo.
  • Students make their own practice notes.
  • Teacher uses flipchart/boards and electronic device for music explanation.         
  • Students’ written homework/music theory should be submitted digitally (pdf format).
  • Teacher will send the lesson summary digitally to the parents/students.

(ii) Theory lesson

  • Theory lesson online is available to maintain safe learning environment

(iii) Aural lesson
Potentially infectious aerosols and droplets increase with vocal loudness (singing, talking loud, shouting, laughing sneezing, coughing)

  • Aural singing should keep at low to moderate volume levels. 
  • Humming or Singing with face covering on and face away each other, or sing out through a window/door (where/when practical)

After the lesson

The length of time in contact with others is also considered a significant factor of transmission risks.

  • No overrun lesson and the lesson will finish promptly at the ends of the scheduled time.
  • Please collect younger students promptly after lesson ends at the main entrance with social distance.
  • Students must take all their personal belongings.

Feeling unwell during the lesson

  • Any students who becomes unwell during lesson, they must inform their tutor, parents/careers will be contacted to arrange an immediate collection.
  • Please return the completed the medical forms with up-to-date emergency contacts and ensure the emergency phone contacts given must be available throughout the lesson time.

Covid-19 missed lessons

  • Student must stay home for coughs, colds, and flu-like symptoms or unwell in any way of other illness to keep everyone’s illness at a minimum.
  • Missing an in-person lesson due to exposure to Covid-19, symptoms or travel requiring isolation, please notify your instructor immediately to switch to lesson online, (learning platform such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Skype) for the best level of safety, to avoid forfeit that lesson.
  • If possible, please contact your instructor about lesson cancellation at least 24 hours in advance before a scheduled lesson.

Payment methods
Cash affect potential hygiene issues around handling banknotes

  • Using bank transfer to avoid cash transaction


Stop Covid-19 Spreading

* Wash hands regularly (20 second rule)
* face covering in enclosed spaces, public transport, shops,  most indoor setting
* stay 2 metres apart or 1 metre with additional control precautions 
* Hygiene: Coughs and sneezes into tissue or crooked elbow
* Good respiratory hygiene Slogan: “catch it, bin it, kill it”
* Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
* Keep voice down

The health and safety of all students and staffs remains our priority.
All the activity will be subject to Government Covide-19 guidelines in place at the time- “Hands. Face. Space”

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