Adult Piano <Br> Lessons

“I wish I had started earlier to learn piano…..Am I too late to learn the piano?” Of course Not!! You can start at any age 90 or 3! It is Never too old to learn the piano! It is definitely not your age that is holding you back to play piano or to learn a new skill. It doesn’t matter how young and how old you are to start to learn piano; however, it does matter is if you like it and if that is something you want to do.

All adults have a greater freedom to make your own decisions to enjoy playing without family pressure and you won’t get in trouble if you don’t practice! It is about music and yourself to be your path of musical fulfilment.

Don’t assume it is harder for adults to learn piano than kids!
It is an advantage to be older and wiser; you can easily grasp musical concepts like music elements and structure, learn complex music harmony and theory faster by understanding, and enjoy analysing to discover how true musicality. Adults tends to have more enthusiasm, passionate and willingly practice than youngers. They are more self-challenge and eager to learn or progress more towards their specific goals.

Apart from fun and entertaining, some older adults come for piano lessons to relax and de-stress which improves their anxiety, loneliness and depression. Scientific studies prove great benefits from physical and intellectual health, social emotionally development, to people of all ages. Making music is good for the soul and great for the brain.
It fights against slow age-related memory loss of aging, reduce arthritis, blood pressure and stress by continue doing what they enjoy and love.

Learning a great piece that you truly and deeply love has become a best motivator. Most adults feel a great sense of accomplishment on mastering a new skill while looking back what they’d done in the near and distant past.

Music gives us mental, physical and lifestyle benefits. Music is for everyone! You don’t need to be young to learn music and you don’t need to be talented in order to play the piano. It doesn’t matter how long it will take- no speed, no rush, no competition to win – enjoy every moment you spend on the piano! A great boost with the power of music – supplement every part of your life, create expression – simply enjoy & have fun!