Teens Piano <Br> Lessons

Playing piano is a lifetime gift and it is for all ages regardless their music background, level, cultural diversity. We shouldn’t stop teens or anyone from learning new skills. It is NEVER too late for teens to start any piano lesson or music training. However, they need to be encouraged to learn a music instrument or take music lessons to experience the emotional, social & academic benefits.

Teens have abilities to focus longer and learn quicker than the younger children. With their music passion, they easily project and connect more personally to music whilst developing a deeper emotion of music understanding.

Music that grows with teens has become an emotional outlet to express their feelings and new ideas.  It lowers their levels of depression while enhancing their self-confidence and self-esteem.  They enjoy the sense of pride in their music accomplishment with their self-effort and self-discovery experience.

During teen years, they like to expose themselves with a wide variety of music genres. They enjoy hearing music in a new way and experience playing in a new level. They learn piano skills, keyboard harmonization and music theory, then transfer their music experience and knowledge to create their own music with their own imagination, and then perform for families and peers.

Playing piano or music learning is fun and fulfilling activities for teens’ growth and experiences their social belonging.  School and music concerts provide them with additional opportunities to support their achieving performance success and leadership value. Teens learn how to listen, learn and share with others; communicate and cooperate in dealing team works, which brings inspirational personal development, to create a great achievement in music performance.

According to many studies, music connects and triggers brain neural to improve everyone’s spatial-temporal reasoning for academic benefits, especially better school performance in math and sciences, apart from improving memory, coordination and creativity. Music makes people discipline, cultivate commitment and enthusiasm, perseverance, and a better problem-solver.