Piano-Tutor’s Welcome

Choosing the right piano teacher can be a stressful process in decision-making of “getting it right “that can greatly impact your learning and progress on piano and music studies.  It is my pleasure to welcome you to our website and give some insight into life at Piano-Tutor.

Piano-Tutor.co.uk provides the qualified piano and music teacher to instruct piano lessons and music courses for diverse age groups, cultures and abilities, whether it be from children to adults, or from absolute beginners to diploma level.

Piano-Tutor’s music courses, from Music Graded Piano, Theory and Music Aural, music specialism training for the 11+ Music Aptitude Test MAT, working towards a music scholarship in secondary school music entrance exams to preparing for GCSE and A-level music academic exams.

Our music lessons are specifically designed for the learner’s musical interest, unique needs, learning aptitude and aspiration through both online and face-to-face lessons.

Piano-Tutor’s aim is to foster and develop a lifelong love of music while finding inspiration and building creativity through music making. We strive to help our students achieve their musical aspirations whether they seek to play in public performances, prepare for musical exams or simply for self-enjoyment.

We focus on helping students pursue the highest level of performance and exams through appropriate repertoire and mastery of musically technical skills, in turn improving their musicianship and increasing their musical understanding.

We implement effective music instructional pedagogy methods to ensure that students can integrate their growing musical knowledge towards the art of performance and eventually unlock their highest potential with an outstanding success.

Piano-Tutor takes pride in their students’ exceptional achievements, which include winning numerous piano competitions, achieving High Distinction in graded music exams (ABRSM, Trinity College London, LCM), gaining Music Scholarships in 11+, 13+ and 16+ entrance exams, and achieving A/A* in GCSE and A-Level Music Exams.

We are delighted to be able to welcome you to experience our learning programmes and teaching effectiveness and we look forward to meeting you very soon. 

My warmest regards,
Lilin Ding