Music Teacher


Teaching Philosophy

Piano-Tutor provides varied Piano Lessons & music Tuition/Studies for our students to explore the art of music piano playing, gain a better understanding of music knowledge, and prepare performing best for the exams to achieve their goals of piano playing or objectives.


Personalized & Custom Designed Lessons

Students have their unique needs, talents and abilities. Therefore all the piano lessons and music tuitions are individually tailored to suit the musical preference, personal interests or learning styles of each student.


Highly Flexible Approach

Piano teacher’s teaching style, curriculum, and approach are very flexible, varied, and individual, based on students’ capacities and levels.


Encourage Creativity

Besides making the lessons enjoyable, piano teacher encourages exploration, and creativity in music study.



Students and parents should communicate frequently with their piano teachers to check the student’s progress and skills development. For instance, poor attendance, inconsistent practice, substandard work, inadequate preparation, incomplete homework, and lack of motivation can be discussed by calling the instructor, writing, and e-mails or after the teaching schedule.

My son, Dayo has been taking piano lessons with Mrs Ding since age 5yrs. He is now almost 16.  It is a testament to her dedication and professionalism that he has remained with her.

She is very experienced and  knowledgable. At age 5, she very quickly put him at ease, laying  a good foundation to develop the right skill/ technique to play the piano correctly.

Lilin is very thorough, kind and patient with the children and tailors the lessons to their level, so they understand what is being taught. She can be firm when necessary ensuring the children remain focused and practice regularly. Overall she makes the lessons fun  and she nurtures and instils a passion for music in them. We are very grateful to Lilin for her dedication in teaching our son, to the extent that he chose to play the piano for his Music GCSE

We highly recommend her.

Dayo's parent

Lilin has been my daughter's piano teacher for over 5 years. She is an extremely patient and encouraging teacher who caters for her students' development by taking different teaching methods to the needs of her students. She is well organised with her lessons and always sets realistic and achievable goals for the students during the week. Thank you for giving my daughter more confidence and making her a good piano player.

Hongfei / parent

My son has been taking piano and music theory lessons for more than 3 years. He loves his piano teacher and I can tell that she really cares about my kid too. She is wonderful and I highly recommend.

Louise / parent