Teaching Philosophy

Piano-Tutor provides varied Piano Lessons & music Tuition/Studies for our students to explore the art of music piano playing, gain a better understanding of music knowledge, and prepare performing best for the exams to achieve their goals of piano playing or objectives.

Personalized & Custom Designed Lessons
Students have their unique needs, talents and abilities. Therefore all the piano lessons and music tuitions are individually tailored to suit the musical preference, personal interests or learning styles of each student.

Highly Flexible Approach
Piano teacher’s teaching style, curriculum, and approach are very flexible, varied, and individual, based on students’ capacities and levels.

Encourage Creativity
Besides making the lessons enjoyable, piano teacher encourages exploration, and creativity in music study.

Students and parents should communicate frequently with their piano teachers to check the student’s progress and skills development. For instance, poor attendance, inconsistent practice, substandard work, inadequate preparation, incomplete homework, and lack of motivation can be discussed by calling the instructor, writing, and e-mails or after the teaching schedule.