11+ MAT Music Aptitude Test

The 11+ Music Aptitude Test is designed to measure a student’s natural aptitude in music and not a test of musical ability. Alll the students with, or without musical experience and there is no minimum music grade requirement to apply for Music Specialism or Music Scholar place a s part of 11+ state secondary transer admission  process or entry into year 7 of the Consortium and selective schools throughout the UK.

To be eligible to be considered for a music place, it depends upon the student’s ranked position for a music place at the time of offers being made, within the band of the highest scores in the music aptitude test and/or followed by round two Music Audition.

Music Specialism Holder / Music Scholar

A music specialism holder or music scholar is a student who upholds the highest standards of musical ability and serves as an inspiration to other students. They require to possess high content knowledge of music areas by achieving extremely high score in music aptitude tests, listening test, aural, auditions, and interview. They are given additional support in between their instrumental lessons.

11+ Music Aptitude Test: 11+ MAT Practice Resoruces

Our 11+ MAT Practice Tests recorded digital audio download practice tests with a separate pdf question and answer sheets, with 5 different levels can be purchased as individual tests or multipacks for regular home practice resources. This helpful learning resources can greatly enhance the effectiveness of the listening skills and familiar with the test formats before taking Music Aptitude Test at the school of your child’s choice.

  Our 11+ Music Aptitude Training 

Our wealth of teaching experience and knowledge of Music Aptitude Test (11+ MAT) can guide students more in depth learning with understanding, focus on potential weaker areas with further practice, and useful hints to dramatically maximise developing a student’s full potential of music listening skills.

The 11 plus Music Aptitude Test training are structured and progressive courses which integrate with music elements to build your child’s confidence and learning support towards their Music Aptitude Test (MAT).

Music Aptitude Test Training Courses / Music Specialism  Programme including:

  • Music elements: pitch, melody (tune), texture (chord & instrumental) & rhythm
  • Including tempo, pulse, mood, music appreciation & graphics score.
  • Tips for improving music listening.
  • Develop the Aural Skills with understanding.
  • Ability to hear and visualize music works.
  • Customized lessons with students’ own pace to consolidate their listening skills.
  • Must-know skills to tackle tricky questions