Music Studio Policy

1. Music Studio Operation

2. Enrolment

3. Fees (as detailed on the fee page)

3.1 Registration & Deposit fees

3.2 Tuition Payment Plans

All paid tuition fees are strictly non-refundable.

(a)   Full Term
(b)   Monthly
(c)    Fortnightly Plan
(d)   Pay as You Go

3.4 Music and material fees

4. School Holiday & Summer Holiday Lessons

5. Overdue fees

5.1 Term Payment

5.2 Monthly Payment

5.3 Pay as You Go payments

6.  Methods of Payments

Payments can be accepted by bank transfer preferably, cheque and cash.    

7. Cancellation/ Rescheduling/Make-Up Lessons

8. Teacher absence

A scheduled lesson is cancelled due to teacher’s absence, illness or availability, the missed lesson will be rescheduled, credited or refunded.

8.1. Short term teacher

8.2 Long term teacher

9. Inclement weather

10. Lesson procedure with and parent/guidance support

10.1 Attendance & Lesson procedure

10.2 Siblings

10.3 Parental/guardians Support

11. Practice expectation

12. Music Instruments

13. Tardiness

14. Safety of pupils                         

15. Competition & Public Performance Opportunity

16. Music Examinations

17. Termination of Music Tuition

18. Use of Photographs & Videos 

We occasionally take photos and videos of students performing in lessons, concerts, and events, and post them on our website and/or social media pages. If you would prefer not to have you or your child’s photo/video displayed then please inform us at the time of registration.

19. Staying in Touch

Close communication between parent and teacher is important. If you have any further questions or concern about your child’s progress, please contact: +44 0777 047 6665; email:

Please read these music studio policy carefully. By accessing this website or registering with Piano-Tutor you agree to be bound by our music studio policy as above. Music Studio Policy as well as associated fees, charges are subject to change without notice, from time to time. It can be viewed on the website at any time. If you do not agree with these music studio policy, please do not access this website or register with us.  

Thank you for your continued co-operation