Music Aptitude Test: MAT Level 1 Test 1-4 Multipack (Download)


  • Foundation MAT Level 1: Test 1-4 multipack –Download 4 complete 60 question MAT practice test including audio, worksheets and answer sheets.
  • Foundation MAT Level 1 Practice Tests is a Beginner-Friendly MAT Practice Test which includes musical intervals in wide leaps and different register, texture up to 2 notes, basic rhythmic pattern.
  •  It is designed for students who are just beginning to prepare for the secondary transfer Music Aptitude Test. To assist the students to grasp the expectations and experience the structure for all four sections of the MAT test.
  • Learning foundation of music concepts is effective practice for the Music Aptitude Test preparation.


  • Foundation MAT Level 1 music Practice Tests to assist your child prepare for the Music Aptitude Test with discipline and experience.
  • Each single MAT test consists of four sections: PITCH, MELODY, RHYTHM and TEXTURE and there are 60 multiple choice questions.
  •  Available for purchase as single or multipack of practice tests.
  •  To ensure proficiency at this level before moving on to the next progressive stage or Standard Level 2.
  •  After your purchase, you will be sent a confirmation email containing a download link to your ZIP file, which includes one mp3 audio file and individual PDFs for the worksheet and answer sheets.
  •  Your MAT Practice Test can be downloaded to various digital devices for 30 days and your download file will never expire.

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